Twin Electronic Breast Pump (PP)

“The Twin Pump means business”

The Philips AVENT BPA Free Twin Electric Breast Pump provides a comfortable and efficient way to continue giving your baby all the benefits of breast milk. Using massage cushions that mimic suckling, and gentle vacuums that encourage steady milk flow, the Twin Electric pumps more milk faster, making it ideal for busy moms.   BPA-Free Twin Electric Breast Pump Soft massage cushions mimic suckling to trigger natural milk flow. Infinite speed, vacuum, and rhythm combinations provide personalized comfort. Electric memory learns and continues your pumping rhythm to stop, start, or adjust speed and suction levels without removing your hand from the pump. Includes everything you need to pump, store and feed – even on the go!

Product Description

Product Description

The Philips AVENT BPA Free TWIN ELECTRIC Breast Pump offers an easy and efficient way to provide your baby with all the benefits of breast milk. Philips AVENT breast pumps use a soft silicon massage cushion that naturally mimics the suckling of a newborn baby. The gentle vacuum created by the pump encourages a steady flow of milk in a comfortable, efficient manner. 

The Single TWIN ELECTRIC pump is ideal for busy moms as the electronic memory system can store your personalized settings.  The electronic memory system can store and recall settings for infinite speed, vacuum, and tempo settings, for a more comfortable and personal experience. Twin-pump design offers an efficient, quick way to express breast milk and stimulate milk production.    

Philips AVENT Twin Electric Breast pumps mean business.Philips AVENT Twin Breast Pumps mean business 

Learns and continues your pumping rhythm

Pump More Milk More Quickly The Twin Electric includes a first (control) pump and a second pump, allowing for single or double pumping. When the Twin Electric is fully assembled, the second pump will simultaneously mimic the speed and suction of the first. In fact, the Twin Electric is the only twin breast pump designed to maintain the same suction and control on both sides. This unique twin-pump design offers an efficient, quick way to express breast milk. It has been shown to boost prolactin levels and stimulate milk production, making it a great solution for busy moms.

Philips AVENT Soft Silicone Breast cushions help to promote more comfortable and milk flow.

 Massage cushions flex in and out, replicating a baby’s natural suckling action and triggering let-down

Soft Massage Cushions Comfortably Trigger Let-Down

The Twin Electric Breast Pump’s include two massage cushions each feature five petals that flex in and out to gently massage your breast. The petals work together to mimic a baby’s natural suckling action and trigger let-down. The soft massage cushions are comfortable to use on a daily basis and will help produce a fast, natural milk flow. The Twin Electric Breast Pump can be used without the massage cushions to achieve maximum vacuum levels.

Philips AVENT One Touch Operation

Philips AVENT one finger operation makes it easy

Electric Memory Learns from You

You can precisely adjust the Twin Electric Breast Pump’s speed, vacuum and rhythm settings in an unlimited number of combinations and customize the breast pump to your needs. Just begin a comfortable pumping rhythm, press a button, and the Twin Electric automates it. The electronic memory learns and continues your preferences, giving you complete control over your comfort. This means pumping with the Twin Electric always feels natural and exactly right for you.

One-Touch Memory Control at Your Fingertips

Featuring a one-touch memory control button, the Twin Electric Breast Pump lets you stop, start, or adjust speed and suction levels without removing your hand from the pump. In fact, everything that controls the pump is right at your fingertips, so you won’t have to worry about awkwardly reaching for buttons and potentially interrupting milk flow.

Philips AVENT Breas pumps offer a better way to keep milk safe and fresh.

Philips AVENT Breast Pumps make it easy when pumping, storing and feeding

Pump, Store and Feed with the Same Container

The Twin Electric lets you pump, store, and feed with the same container, preserving valuable nutrients that can get lost if breast milk is transferred. Two sealable 260ml breast-milk containers and two extra-soft Newborn Flow teats are included, so you’ll have everything you need to get started.


Continue Breastfeeding, Even on the Go

Perfect for travel, the breast pump works with any standard, 100- to 240-volt outlet. It comes with a two-piece teat travel pack and a microfiber travel bag, so you can give your baby all the benefits of breastfeeding, even when you’re on the go.

Philips AVENT Twin Electric breast pumps are 100% BPA FREE.

All parts of the Philips AVENT Twin Electric Breast Pump are 100 percent BPA free. The breast pump is backed by a limited one-year warranty.  

The Philips AVENT Twin Electric Breast Pump contains:  

(1) – Philips AVENT  Twin Electric Breast Pump

(4) – Bottle stand/funnel covers

(2) – 118ml breast milk containers

(2) – Newborn flow nipples 

(2) – Travel packs

(1) – Microfiber travel bag

(2) – Sealing discs

(1) – Spare part

(1) – Instruction guide


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