Silicone Teats by Philips AVENT

Philips AVENT Teats – “the natural choice”


Philips AVENT natural shaped silicone teats make it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding.


Philips Avent teats also help to reduce colic by insuring that air goes into the bottle and not into the baby’s tummy.


All Philips AVENT teats are made from soft silicone and are BPA Free (contains 0% Biphenyl A).  


Key Features


  • Natural latch on due to the wide breast-shaped teat
  • Unique comfort petals for an extra soft and flexible teat
  • Advanced anti colic system with advanced dual valve system
  • Available in different flow rates for optimum comfortable feeding
  • Fully compatible with Philips AVENT feeding bottles
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Product Description

Product Description


Philips AVENT offers five different flow rates to keep up with your baby’s growth

Philips AVENT Silicone Teats play an important role in your baby’s feeding.  They work with the Philips AVENT baby bottle to help reduce vacuum that can lead to air digestion (colic).  The silicone teats also are designed to closely mimic natural nipples in their size and texture.  This characteristic is very important for mothers who breast feed naturally and also bottle feed.  The teats are so natural that baby’s do not notice the difference. All Philips Avent teats are 100% BPA free.

Phiips AVENT Silicone TeatsPhilips AVENT Silicone Teats – a natural choice


The five different flow rates are listed below. Remember that age indications are approximate as babies develop at different rates.  

Philips AVENT Teats Types:

Newborn flow teat with 1 hole (recommended for newborns)

*  Slow flow teat with 2 holes (recommended for 1 month plus)

*  Medium flow teat with 3 holes (recommended for 3 months plus)

*  Variable flow teat with slotted outlet (recommended for 3 months plus)

*  Fast flow teat with 4 holes (recommended for 6 months plus)


Philips AVENT Teat chart holds a wealth of information for moms.

Philips AVENT Teat Chart Guideline


All Philips AVENT teats are available in twin packs and are compatible with Philips AVENT Classic feeding bottles.  Philips AVENT Teats provide an easy latch on due to the unique valve on the nipple. The innovative valve design of Philips AVENT teats allows the teat to flex to your baby’s natural feeding rhythm. Your baby will be in control of the flow of milk and it provide your baby more comfort.  Philips AVENT has also a unique anti-colic system design.  As your baby feeds, the specially designed valve on the silicone teat flexes to allow air into the bottle instead of your baby’s tummy.  

Philips AVENT Teat Anti-colic Design

Philips AVENT Specially Designed Teats Reduces Colic


Clinically studies prove that Philips Avent teats significantly reduce fussing. Sleep and nutrition are vital to your baby’s health and happiness. A randomised clinical trial was carried out to see whether infant feeding bottle design affects “infant behaviour”. The Philips AVENT Classic baby bottle has shown to significantly reduce fussing by approximately 28 minutes a day as compared to the comparator bottle (46 min vs 74 min, p=0.05). This was especially true during night time.**  


Philips AVENT Testing ResultsPhilips AVENT Teats help to reduce air in babys stomachs (colic)


Philips AVENT Teats are 100% BPA free* Teats are made from soft silicone – a BPA-free* material. All Philips AVENT Classic bottle can interchange with the several different flow rate teats.

The Philips AVENT Classic bottle offers different flow rates to keep up with your baby’s growth. Remember that age indications are approximate as babies develop at different rates. All teats are packaged in twin packs that contain two similar style teats. Adjust the flow rate to baby’s convenience with the variable flow teats (Model SCF 635/27), you can change the flow rate according to liquid’s thickness to match your baby’s feeding rhythm.  Philips AVENT recommends using this teat for thicker liquids such as AR (thickened) milk, milk mixed with baby rice, milk mixed with baby food, soup, noodles and more…     



Philips AVENT Tips for Bottle Feeding

*  Clean and sterilise all feeding parts before each use

*  Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or anti-bacterial cleaners with bottles and teats

*  Wash your hands thoroughly and ensure surfaces are clean before handling sterilized  components

*  For inspection of the teat, pull it in each direction

*  Place the teat in boiling water for 5 minutes before first use to ensure hygiene

*  Throw away bottle and teats at the first sight of damage, weakness or scratching

*  Replace teats and spouts after 3 months use

*  Do not warm milk in a microwave as this may cause uneven heating and could scald your baby

*  Always check the milk temperature before feeding

*  Make sure that the bottles are not over-tightened

*  Do not allow your baby to play with small parts or run/walk while feeding


Product Details


* Shipping weight : 90.5 gm (View shipping rates & policies)

* UPC : 761269001121

* Item model number : SCF631/27

* Packing : Contain 2 teats



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