Pink/Blue 260ml Bottle by Philips AVENT

Philips AVENT Pink/Blue Bottles Represent STYLE! 


Key Features  


  • Natural Feeding Bottle : 2 pcs
  • Bottle : 260ml capacity, 0% BPA, pink or blue colour  
  • Design : easy to assemble, easy to clean, easy to hold, wide neck
  • Function : anti-colic valve
  • Clinically proven : less fussing, especially at night
  • Teat Flow : slow flow – 2 holes

Product Description

Product Description 


The Philips AVENT 260ml “Airflex” contains all the great features that Philips AVENT bottles are known for, such as their specially designed anti-colic system, easy grib wide bottle shapes, BPA free plastic and natural  silicone teats.  The Blue or Pink 260ml “airflex” bottles where introduced to add style to bottle feeding.  Choose either a soft pink bottle or a nice baby blue and brighten you and your baby’s day!  


Philips AVENT Pink Bottles make a style statement.

 Philips AVENT Pink/Blue 330ml bottles “Stylish by design”

Like the Classic model these feeding bottles come with a soft natural like “slow flow” silicon teat. The Philips AVENT silicon teat is so realistic that it’s easy to switch between feeding your baby both naturally and with a feeding bottle. Most babies do not notice the difference between natural breast feeding and the Philips AVENT bottle. The Slow flow teat has two holes and is recommended by Philips AVENT for babies one month and older. 


Philips AVENT provides such information as a general guideline, and parents should always monitor their babies feeding to ensure that the baby is comfortable and safe. The baby bottle is made from polypropylene (PP) and is a very plyable material with a milky hue.


Philips AVENT bottles made of this material come with an additional adaptor ring to guarantee that the specially designed skirt on the teat always fits the ring of the bottle. The key to Philips AVENT anti-colic feature is due to its ability to let air into the baby bottle to prevent a vacuum.  When vacuums occur in regular baby feeding bottles the milk stops flowing and the baby begins to suck even greater trying to get more milk.  Due to the vacuum the poor baby end up ingesting air instead which leads to an upset stomach, colic and fussing.    


When your baby feeds with a Philips AVENT bottle, the specially designed adapter skirt on the AVENT Teat flexes to allow air into the bottle instead of your baby’s stomach. The end result a happier baby!     

Product Detail

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