Newborn Starter Set by Philips AVENT

“Contains everything you'll need for a newborn baby”

The Philips AVENT Classic Newborn Starter set is a complete package set that contains everything you will need to start feeding a newborn baby. The Philips AVENT Classic bottle design makes it easy to switch between breast feeding and bottle feeding as the Classic bottles “so natural like” that babies easily accept their use. Don’t be fooled by lower quality bottles.

Philips AVENT Classic baby bottles are designed to allow air to replace the milk as your baby drinks which reduces vacuum in the bottle.  When a vacuum forms babies tend to digest more air and get upset tummies. When it comes to your baby’s happiness choose a leading brand like Philips AVENT Classic.

The Philips AVENT Classic Newborn Starter Kit Contains:

  • (2) – 125ml bottles with newborn-flow teats
  • (2) – 260ml bottles with slow-flow teats
  • (1) – Bottle & teat brush
  • (1) – Newborn soother


Product Description

 Product Description


The Philips AVENT Classic Newborn Bottle Starter Set contains everything you’ll need to make sure your baby is comfortablly feed. The set contains two (2) 160ml classic bottles, two (2) 260ml bottles, one (1) Newborn Teat, one (1) Slow Flow Teat, a baby soother, and bottle brush that cleans both baby bottles and silicon teats..


 Philips AVENT Newborn Starter Set provides everything you need to comfortable take care of your baby.Clinical researches suggest that two weeks old babies that were fed with the Philips AVENT Classic baby bottle starter set showed significantly less occurrence of colic when compared to babies who were fed using regular feeding bottles.  

 Philips AVENT Colic Chart

Philips AVENT designed their Classic bottles to closely resemble natural breast feeding with their soft silicon teat, easy hold bottle, and dual valve anti-colic adapter ring.

Philips AVENT baby bottles simulate natural feeding.


The combination of these features makes it easy to switch from natural breast feeding to bottle feeding. The bottle and teat are also designed to allow air into the bottle which prevents vacuum.  When vacuum is created in a baby feeding bottle, the milk stops flowing. The baby then begins to suck more and in doing so digests more air.  This added air in the baby’s stomach leads to crankiness, colic and fussing.   The Philips AVENT Classic Newborn Baby Feeding Bottle set is a great way to take care of your baby.

Philips AVENT Anti Colic design Features

As your baby grows, just upgrade to the many different Philips AVENT teats to suit your baby’s feeding needs.  

Philips AVENT Teat Chart for Cllasic Newborn Bottle SetPhilips AVENT uses bottles completely free of Bisphenol-A. Further, the BPA-free feeding bottles have extra-soft nipples for your babys comfort.

Philips AVENT Classic Baby Bottles are 100% BPA FREE.

The bottle starter set includes a cleaning brush exclusively designed with curved head and no sharp edges, so as to pro-long the life span of the bottles.  


Philips AVENT Infant Bottle Starter Set :

*  Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing

*  Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding

*  5 different nipple flow rates are available 

*  Bisphenol-A free plastic bottles

*  Holds 3 pre-measured doses of milk powder

*  Curved brush head and molded tip

*  Includes two (2) 260ml and two (2) 125ml Philips AVENT Natural Feeding Bottles

*  Extra soft nipples that promote proper latch on formula dispenser

*  Bottle Brush for easy cleaning


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