Learning Kitchen by Fisher-Price

“a delightful kitchen full of musical, learning fun”


Key Features


  • The Kitchen is filled with plenty of interactive learning fun for children
  • Listen to a realistic sounding kitchen sink (flowing water) and stove top (sizzling frying pan)
  • Allows children to role play while learning about different food (fruits, vegetables, meat) and cooking methods   
  • Teaches about shapes, colors, foods (vegetables, fruits…), opposites (on/off), sorting and time
  • Children quickly learn about the different activities that take place in a real kitchen such as washing, cooking, cleaning 
  • Kitchen has frying pans, a stove, a baking oven, a kitchen light and switch, a trash can, washing sink and more…

Product Description

Product Description


Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen is serious about learning, music and fun.  The Learning Kitchen allows children to cook up some learning fun with role play kitchen activities.  Kids can open and close the refrigerator, flip the light switch on and off, stir the curry laksa or tom yum using plastic pot and frying pan.  The Learning Kitchen is loaded with fun things to do and includes an oven, cooking range, washing sink, clock, lighted refrigerator and green recycle trash bin… all while enjoying  20 musical songs and sounds. 


Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen is a great role play toy.

  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learning Kitchen – a lot of fun!


The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen helps to teach children about the kitchen through role play, while also introducing and developing the understanding of objects, numbers, letters, colors and shapes. It teaches in two languages and helps to build a  vocabulary by introducing new words and recorded greetings. It also helps develop critical thinking skills and encourages problem-solving by role playing in the kitchen. Who ever thought learning could be so much fun!  The Fisher-Price Learning Kitchen has four interactive play modes, learning time, language, musical fun, role play. Children can open and bake a cake in the oven, practice turning the light switch on and off, do some reading by flipping through the pages of the “flip book” or sort the plastic play food using the lighted refrigerator shape sorter. The refrigerator even lights up with fun, cheerful songs. The volume is adjustable with setting at two different volume levels.



Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen has sorting, flipping books, music, languages and more...

 Fisher-Price Learning Kitchen has so many fun things to play and learn about!


The kitchen has some very realistic features which make role playing so easy.  When your child begins to play they will experience the sounds of a “sizzling” frying pan on the stove or “running” water from the sink faucet. The kitchen has a light switch that activates a kitchen light, and a toy clock that makes a tick-tock noise when moved. Inside the refrigerator is a storage compartment that contains plastic food and utensils and an interactive “flip book”  that shows pictures about fruits and vegetables. 


 Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn kitchens are lots of fun.


Open the refrigerator and you’ll find so many things to do


When your child opens the refrigerator door of the Fisher-Price Learning Kitchen, they’ll have so many fun activities to learn.  They can learn about fruits and vegetables by using the “flip book”, sort shapes using the refrigerator door sorter, play with the lighted door or role play and pick out different foods that they”ll use to make dinner with. The Fisher-Price Learning kitchen is sure to keep your child busy learning and playing for many, many hours.




Product Details


* Product Dimensions : 33 (H) x 50 (W) x 18.50 (D) cm, 2 kg

* Shipping Weight : 3 kg (View shipping rates & policies)

* UPC : 0027084902976

* Item model number : T4274

* Manufacturer recommended age : 6 months – 3 years

* Batteries : 3 AA batteries (included)  


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