Friendly Flip Phone by Fisher-Price

“A durable, fun flip phone for your child”

Key Features

  • Your baby receive a friendly hello every time they open it
  • Displays a different picture character everytime the phone is opened
  • Baby can press a button to hear 1 of 3 different ringtones
  • Pick your favourite character for display
  • Press the numbered buttons to hear dial tones

Product Description

Product Description


The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basic Friendly Flip phone offers a child varieties of fun activities that they can enjoy while using their own personal flip phone.  The Fisher-Price Flip phone is made from durable plastic that will with stand years of abuse.  When the Flip Phone is first opened, the display will show a picture of a mouse, kitten or puppy and a message will play saying “hello”. Every time the phone is closes and re-opened an alternating picture will be displayed. So your child constantly has a different animal character to start a conversation with.


Fisher-Price Friendly Flip Phone provides great fun for children.

Fisher-Price Friendly Flip Phone is “just like mom’s”


The Fisher-Price Flip phone is perfect in size and light in weight as the baby can pick it up and begin talking away easily.  Everytime they open the phone they’ll hear a friendly “hello”.  When they press the dial keys they’ll hear 3 different ring tones or musical tones.  You’ll find that your child will enjoy chatting away just like adults. 

Fisher-Price Friendly Flip phone with baby.Fisher-Price Friendly Flip Phones provide children with hours of talking fun


Fisher-Price Flip Phones can be used as teaching tools when interacting with your child.  There’s different pictures to learn about, and numbers that parents can use as a teaching tool.  As children develop, ask your child to press number two, or six and see how they do?  It’s never to early to begin learning.


Fisher-Price Friendly Flip Phone touch pad has musical sounds.

 Fisher-Price Flip Phone has friendly entertaining keys to use



Flipping the phone open and closed and keying the buttons helps children learn hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It also helps learning through discovery by encouraging your baby to talk while using the flip phone. 


Fisher-Price Friendly Flip phone being closed by a baby

Fisher-Price Flip Phone Folds just like the real ones




 Product Details



* Product Dimensions :21.50 (H) x 12.50 (W) x 5.50 (D) cm, 100gm

* Shipping Weight : 0.5 kg (View shipping rates & policies)

* UPC : 0027084440256

* Item model number : K7682

* Manufacturer recommended age : 6 months – 3 years

* Requires 3 button cell batteries (included)



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