Classic Feeding Bottles by Philips AVENT

“Let your child have their own remote”

Key Features

  • Teaches numbers, colours, opposite and simple greeting phrases
  • Realistic design makes babies less interested in the real one.
  • Keeps your baby occupied with their own remote!
  • Plays songs and recorded greeting phrases
  • Helps your baby to develop their fine motor skills 

Product Description

Product Description


Philips AVENT Classic Baby Bottles feature an unique valve design that allows babys’ to regulate the amount of milk flow that they drink. The distinctive specially designed valve on the silicon teat flexes to your baby’s feeding tempo as milk flows in response to your baby’s needs.      

Philips AVENT Classic Bottle

Clinically proven to decrease fussing

A baby’s health and wellbeing is dependent on its sleep and nutrition. A scientific clinical study was performed by the Institute of Child Health, London in 2008. In the study the Philips AVENT Classic baby bottle significantly decreased the fussing (fussing is a way that babies can communicate that they aren’t comfortable, that they are hungry, tired or need a diaper change) by approximately 28 minutes per day. The results showed that on average a baby fusses 74 minutes a day.  When using the Philips AVENT bottle the fussing was reduced to 46 minutes. The reduction of fussing was more significant in the night time hours. (Please visit http:www for more details on the study.)  


Philips AVENT Clinical Trial


Easy handling bottle for maximum comfort

Philips AVENT baby bottles are designed with a unique shape, specially designed to make it easy for a baby to hold and grip. The baby can hold the bottle in any direction comfortably, even for a baby’s little hands.  


Philips AVENT Easy Hold Bottle


Unique anti-colic system

The unique valve on the teat flexes to let air flow into the bottle instead of your baby’s stomach.  With less air in a baby’s stomach a baby will feel less agitated and sleep more comfortably.  There are also different flow rate teats available. The Philips AVENT Classic bottle can accommodate several different teats with various flow rates to keep up with your baby’s growth.  Philips AVENT provides an estimated guide that indicates the approximate age for the different teats. The guide is only a suggestion based on general baby development.  Please monitor your baby after selecting a new teat, as babies develop at different rates.

Philips AVENT Classic bottles anti-colic system

Easy to use and clean, quick and simple assembly

The Philips AVENT wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy. The baby bottle consists of only a few parts for quick and simple assembly.  

Philips AVENT Easy to assemble baby feeding bottles. 

The Philips AVENT Classic bottle is BPA free 

Philips Classic Bottles are 100% BPA Free

The Philips AVENT Classic bottle is made of BPA free material (polypropylene)


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