Chatter Telephone by Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Chatter Phone, a true Classic since 1962

Key Features

  • Helps to encourage walking by pulling
  • Develops hand coordination when dialing
  • Let’s children role play like adults
  • Have fun, listening to your baby as they make a call


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Product Description

Product Description  

The Fisher-Price Chatter Phone was first introduced in 1962 as the “Talk Back Phone” and has been providing countless hour of fun and laughter for children all over the world. The Chatter Phone is a true classic with it’s rotory dial numbers, big bright colors, rolling eyes and red pull chord.


 Fisher-Price Chatter Phone – A True Classic since 1962

The Fisher-Price Chatter phone comes to life when pulled as the eyes on the phone roll up and down while the mouth “chatters” away.  Children love to pull their new friend all over the house as they listen and laugh at their brightly colored friend. 



 Children love to play with the Fisher-Price Chatter phone

When they stop for a rest they can sit and call mom or dad by using the rotor dial.  The rotory dial helps to develop hand and finger dexterity and rewards the child with a “ring-ring” type sound as they play with the rotary dial. Do enjoy watching your child talk on the phone. 

The Fisher-Price Chatter Phone makes a perfect toy for any boy or girl.  They are build by Fisher-Price “tough” and will last generations with minimum care.


Product Details

* Product Dimension :17 (H) x 17.50 (W) x 11 (D) cm, 1 kg

* Shipping Weight : 1 kg (View shipping rates & policies)

* UPC : 0075380778160

* Item model number : 77816

* Manufacturer recommended age : 1-3 years old



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