Baby Walker Safety by Fisher-Price

Every parent takes great joy in there child’s first steps. When it comes to child development Fisher-Price tries to incorporate fun into their developmental toys. They do this so children will use the toys longer and gain more skill from the toy.

Baby walkers are used to give the baby confidence when walking and also to help with balance. It is important to note that in 2004 the country of Canada banded the sale of baby walkers due to some serious accidents involving baby walkers. Baby walkers are very popular and an estimated 50% of the population in the United States uses baby walkers toys.

Note that parental supervision is a must when letting your child play with baby walkers. They can easily injure themselves by walking off an elevated floor or possibly down a flight of stairs. A good alternative to baby walkers is a stationary activity center.

When purchasing a baby walker, please follow the Consumer Product Safety Recommendations and:

  • close the door or gate at the top of the stairs
  • keep children within view
  • keep children away from hot surfaces and containers
  • beware of dangling appliance cords
  • keep children away from toilets, swimming pools and other sources of water

Since 75 percent of injuries are related to falls down stairs, in addition to the above recommendations, don’t use a baby walker near stairs, even if you have a gate on the stairs.

OK, we have talked about the risks involved when using baby walkers.  Let’s now take a look at a Fisher-Price Walker to Wagon.

baby walker wagon by Fisher Price

Stock Photo of a Fisher-Price Walker To Wagon

The Fisher-Price Walker To Wagon is a popular baby walker which your children will use after they begin to walk. It has a lot of interesting, fun features that will keep the little ones happy. Attached to the walker is 6 different colored bead-like objects. Along with the sliding beads are 4 flip pages and a clear plastic ball with 10 different colored beads in it. Once your child is comfortable with walking the Fisher-Price Walk To Wagon can become a wagon.  That can can be filled up with assorted blocks and pulled around the house.  For current prices and details check out our Kids Toys (Malaysia) website here.

Another popular Fisher-Price baby walker is the Laugh and Learn “Shop and Learn” walker.  These walkers  like the Walk To Wagon will keep your children happy years after they begin to walk.  The Fisher-Price Shop and Learn walker has various toy grocery items like eggs, cereal, tomatoes and carrots. These can be used to teach colors and also associate them to specific foods that Mom or dad buys at the grocery shop.

Laugh & Learn Baby Walker

Picture of a Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn “Shop & Learn” walker


Fisher-Price | The Toy “Gold Standard”.

Fisher-Price Image

Picture of “Old” Fisher-Price brand.

The Fisher-Price toy manufacturing company has been dominating the toy industry for over 80 years.  An amazing 100% of parents in the United States are familiar with the brand Fisher-Price. Many of Fisher-Price toys have been so popular that they have been been in production for decades. Such accomplishments are rare in any industry, let alone the toy industry. Fisher-Price toys has become the “gold standard” for toys by following the companies core belief that Fisher-Price toys must have “intrinsic play value, ingenuity, strong construction, good value for the money, and action.”

Fisher-Price’s – “Intrinsic Play Value”

Fisher-Price’s “intrinsic play value” is derived by focusing on the end user – the kids of course!   That’s why Fisher-Price created the Fisher-Price Play laboratory in 1961 as a place were they can observe children at play.  The Fisher-Price Play laboratory takes most of the guess work on whether or not a child will play with their toy.  How many times have we bought toys for our kids only to find that after a few days the child becomes bored and stops playing with the toy. Many times parents or even our kids pick out a toy that ends up a failure.

Fisher-Price’s – “Ingenuity”

Fisher-Price’s “ingenuity” is closely connected to “viewing the world through children’s eyes’.  In doing so Fisher-Price has adapted textures, shapes, and popular themes into their toy design. They have created airports, sprawling suburban cities, colorful images to excite and stimulate a child’s mind. As a child’s surrounds change over the decades so does a child’s interest.  The Fisher-Price Apptivity case for the Iphone.

When a small child see’s a parent using their Iphone they want to find out why the parent is always using it. Fisher-Price saw the connection and created the Apptivity case along with software applications. Now children can experience the fun that’s associated with Apple’s Iphone.


Fisher-Price’s – “Strong Construction”

Parents quickly realize that Fisher-Price toys are built tough! Fisher-price toys are designed for the rigors of abuse that children put toys through.  As a small boy, I can remember how we abused our toys.  We use to like to drop them from the stairs, through them in the air, bury them in the back yard or put them in the tub.  I can not recall a time when the toy became damaged or broken. Today, I find that that the same “strong construction” is still designed into children’s toys. When my child out grows his toys and it’s time to donate them.  We usually end up having to put a lot of his old toys in the rubbish.  His Fisher-Price toys always survive the “cut” and get sent to our local charity.


 Fisher-Price’s – “Good value for the Money”

Fisher-Price toys have never been the cheapest initially when purchased.  There true value is realized when you consider how often our kids play with the toy and how long they last.  When purchasing toys you should think long term.  It’s much better to buy a quality toy that is safe, will be used quite often, and offers learning benefits to our kids.

Fisher-Price toys are designed to last a long, long time and easily withstand the abuse of a whole family of children.  If you plan on having more then one child, you should really think about buying a Fisher-Price product.  Take a look at our selection of Fisher-Price toys at Kids Toys (Malaysia).

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