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Walker to Wagon by Fisher-Price

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 "Walker can help to encourage walking"

Key Features

  • Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Walker To Wagon helps to promote walking fun*
  • Easily converts from a walker to a wagon (in minutes)
  • Extra features such as spinning ball, sliding beads or sorting blocks make it a versatile toy
  • Built Fisher-Price "Tough" for years of enjoyment


* Kids Toys (Malaysia) recommends that you use walker with caution, (see our Fisher-Price Page for more details)

More details

RM 169.90

Product Description


The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Walker Wagon has many fun features that make it a great value.  The Fisher-Price Walker To Wagon can be used as a walker or quickly converted into a wagon. When used as a walker it helps to build both confidence, balance and leg strength.  Please keep a watchful eye on your child when allowed to use a walker (see our Fisher-Price site for more details).

Kids Toys (Malaysia) carries the Fisher-Price Walker To Wagon toy.

Fisher-Price Walker To Wagon creates a fun, walking activity

The front of the walker to wagon features a shape sorter and three colorful block shapes. The blocks can be used for sorting fun or as cargo when the child is on the move either pushing or pulling the toy around the house. 

Fisher-Price Walker To Wagon has many features such as a sorting blocks.Fisher-Price Walker To Wagon has a sorter toy built into the base of the walker/wagon.

Children enjoy playing with the large clear spinning ball filled with 10 colorful beads, or flipping the 4 flip pages along the front of the walker. Both of the sides of the front panel have multi-colored bead bars in addition to a clicker toy and boingy bell on a spring mounted on the sides of the walker!

Fisher-Price Walker To Wagon Spinning Wheel ToyFisher-Price Walker To Wagon is "loaded" with toys

Fisher Price Walker To WagonPicture above are the sliding beads, spinning ball and flipping pages toys


The Fisher-Price Walker To Wagon is an "action packed" toy that has a lot of fun exciting uses.  It's a walker, a wagon, a sorter, that includes interesting flipping pages, bouncing knobs, sliding beading and a spinning wheel with bright colorful beads inside.  We're sure your child will love the Walker To Wagon and it's built Fisher-Price "tough" to endure years of reliable fun.  Enjoy!


Product Details


* Product Dimensions : 40.50 (H) x 48.50 (W) x 17.00 (D) cm, 2 kg

* Shipping Weight : 3 kg (View shipping rates & policies)

* UPC: 0027084432053

* Item model number: K6670

* Manufacturer recommended age: 9 months - 2 years



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