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Infant Starter Gift Set by Philips AVENT Maximize

Infant Starter Gift Set by Philips AVENT

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Key Features

The Philips AVENT Newborn Infant Starter Set is a great way to take care of your baby's feeding needs. The starter kit is an upgrade to the Philips AVENT Newborn Starter set by including a (PES) bottles that are more durable and longer lasting.  The starter set also includes additional items such as a formula dispenser and training cup. 


Infant Starter Set Newborn Starter Kit Contains: 

(2) - 125ml (PES) bottles with newborn-flow teats

(2) - 260ml (PES) bottles with slow-flow teats

(1) - Bottle & teat brush

(1) - Newborn soother

(1) - Formula dispenser

(1) - Trainer cup  


As your baby grows, simply change the teats to medium, fast or variable flow (read more about Philips AVENT teats)

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Product Description


The Philips AVENT Classic Infant Starter Gift Set contains all the necessary items to keep your baby happy and fed.  The gift set contains two (2) “classic” 125ml bottles, (2) “classic” 260ml bottles, two (2) “classic” slow flow teats, two (2) classic newborn teats,  one (1) “bottle-to-first-cup” trainer, one (1) milk powder dispenser, one (1) pacifier, and one (1) cleaning brush for the bottles and silicone teats.  


Philips AVENT Infant Gift Set has all your baby feeding needs covered.

Philips AVENT Classic baby bottles are clinically proven to reduce the digestion of air when babies feed.  The digestion of air (colic) is due to a vacuum that is created during feeding.  As babies suck on a baby bottle, the air needs to replace the milk the baby is drinking.  If the bottle does not allow air in, a vacuum forms. When a vacuum forms, the milk will stop flowing and babies begin to try even harder to suck milk from the bottle. As they suck, they start to digest air, which can lead to upset tummies and restlessness due to the air in their stomachs. The less air a baby digests, the better babies feel, which can lead to long sleep patterns.

Philips AVENT Classic Bottles contain a special valve to prevent vacuum.

The Philips AVENT Classic baby bottle set comes with two different sizes of bottles and silicone teats.  Philips AVENT provides the two different sizes to accommodate a baby’s growth. As a baby grows, they’ll consume more milk, which means you’ll need a bigger bottle (260ml), they’ll also want milk faster.  That’s where the faster flowing “slow flow” teat comes in handy.  The Philips AVENT Classic baby bottle set contains everything you’ll need to bottle feed your baby.


Philips AVENT Infant Gift Set comes with two differnt teats to use as your childs feeding needs change.

The classic baby bottle set also comes with a “bottle to first cup” trainer that will help babies transition into using “sippy” cups.  When your child is ready to start using sippy cups, the Philips AVENT “bottle to first cup” trainer is a great training aid, with its teat and soft spout features.  The bottle to first cup comes with easy to hold handles. You can also attach the supplied handles to a familiar bottle so babies can get used to more independent feeding before moving to the bottle to first cup.



Philips AVENT Infant Gift Set Sippy Cup

A travel dispenser is also included in the gift set for use when traveling. The dispenser can hold up to three pre-measured servings of baby milk powder and has a secure lid that stays closed while travelling.  

Philips AVENT Infant Gift Set Milk Powder Disenser

There’s also an orthodontic pacifier for baby that will keep them happy in between feedings. The pacifier is a flat, symmetrical teat that is designed and developed for a baby’s palate, teeth, and gums.

Philips AVENT Infant Gift Set Baby Pacifier

The Philips AVENT Infant Gift Set also includes a bottle brush that helps to quickly and effectively clean baby bottles and teats.

Philips AVENT Infant Gift Set Bottle Brush


Philips AVENT Classic Baby Bottles are 100% BPA Free 

Philips AVENT Classic Bottles are 100% BPA Free.


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