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Baby Care

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Baby care & parenting is a fulltime job and Kids Toys (Malaysia) is here to help!

Babies are lots of fun, but need lots of love and care.  Kids Toys (Malaysia) would like to help parents by providing informative articles, rescources and products to assist you in caring for your baby.  Please sit back, relax and browse through our online baby shop.  We hope you enjoy your visit.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy browsing through our online baby care section.


                      Baby Care & Parenting Books                                    Kids toys carries a great selection of Baby Bottle Sterilizers

                        Baby Care Books                                           Baby Bottle Sterilisers 

                      Kids Toys (Malaysia) carries a great selection of Baby Bottles.                                   Kids Toys (Malaysia) carries a great selection of Breast Pumps

                        Baby Bottles                                           Breast feeding pumps

                     Kids Toys (Malaysia) has a large selection of Baby Bottle Teats                                   Kids Toys (Malaysia) has a great selection of Baby Potty

                        Baby Bottle Teats                                         Baby Pottys 


   Find the right baby care items online from the comfort of your home.

   We provide fast delivery to your door.



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